Warranty Information

Q1. What are the term and conditions on the warranty of lenses ?
A1. We provide one-time complimentary change of lens degree if you experience discomfort in your vision within a year from the date purchase.

* Warranty does not cover damages to the lenses, including cracks or scratches to the lens coating.

Q2. What are the term and conditions on the warranty of frames ?
A2. In the event where the frames become faulty under normal use within a year from the date purchase, we will repair or replace them at no charge.

* We will offer you a replacement item of the same value if we are unable to repair your current frame and it is no longer in stock.
(The following situation are not covered under frame warranty):
- Damage due to deliberate misuse, negligence or lack of care, we offer only one-time complimentary 50% discount warranty service.

Q3. The warranty period is already over. Can you still provide warranty?
A3. No. We are unable to extend the warranty period.

Q4. I have lost my glasses. Am I covered by the warranty?
A4. No. The warranty does not cover loss or misplacement.


Q1. 有关镜片的保固内容
A1. 自购买起一年内,如有佩戴不舒适,我们将提供免费一次的度数更换服务。

* 镜片变形,裂痕,刮伤等不在保固范围内

Q2. 有关镜框的保固内容
A2. 自购买日起1年内,在正常使用下如发生镜框损坏情形,我们将提供维修或免费更换其他镜框服务。

* 若镜框无法维修或该商品已经没有再出售,将以等值商品进行更换
- 故意,过失等人为损坏,商品遗失,可以以半价再次购买该商品,只限一次

Q3. 如果已经超过保固期,还有保固权限吗?
A3. 保固期讲无法延长

Q4. 遗失了购买的眼镜,有在保固范围内吗?
A4. 商品遗失的情况下不在保固的范围之内
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