Making Purchase

Q9. How Long Does It Take To Make The Glasses Upon Walk-In?
A9. We can process your glasses within 20 minutes upon payment as your degree below 600 and astigmatism below 200. And this we ensure our valued customer receive their glasses within a day especially to those who live quite far away from Klang.

Q10. What payment modes do you accept?
A10. We accept cash and credit cards such as Visa and Master card. We too accept online transfer, Boost and Touch n Go E-Wallet.

Q11. Can you send products by post?
A11. Yes we do provide delivery service. Minimum consumption  is RM99.

Q12. Can you make glasses with the same degree as my existing pair?
A12. Yes, we can. Please bring along your existing pair of glasses so we can make the same degree for the new pair.

Q13. Is it possible to have an eye test while wearing contact lenses?
A13. No. Customers must remove their contact lenses 20 minutes before their eyes test. We provide contact lens case and rinse solution.


Q9. 到门市制作眼镜时,一般需要多久?
A9. 为了节省顾客宝贵的时间,只要度数600以下,散光200以下都能够在选了眼镜框之后20分钟取件,也方便了住在较远的顾客

Q10. 请告诉我有关付款方式
A10. 我们的付款方式有[现金付款],[信用卡付款],[网络转账],[Boost],[Touch n Go E-wallet]

Q11. 商品可以邮寄吗?
A11. 我们有提供快邮服务,最低消费99免邮费

Q12. 可以使用现在的眼镜度数制作相同度数的新眼镜吗?
A12. 可以,顾客可以选择现有的眼镜度数制作新的眼镜。

Q13. 戴着隐形眼镜也可以测量度数吗?
A13. 在测量度数前20分钟必须将隐形眼镜摘下来,门市将会提供隐形眼镜盒与隐形眼镜清洗液以便摘戴。

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