Lens Information

Q5. The prescription on the lenses is not suitable for me. Can I make an exchange?
A5. We provide one-time complimentary change of lens degree if you experience discomfort in your vision within a year from the date purchase.

Q6. The lens has become scratched. Does the warranty cover this?
A6. Lenses damage caused by human factors are not covered under warranty. However, we provide lens replacement service with additional charges.
Theres only one-time complimentary 50% discount warranty service given within a year from the date purchase.
Lens replacement service is subject to the condition of the frame.

Q7. I am bothered by the lens thickness. Is it possible to make them thinner?
A7. Yes, it is possible. We provide upgraded lenses to index 1.61 with no charge. However, for whose that degree 600 and above would like to upgrade your lenses to index 1.67 - 1.74, there will be additional charges. Furthermore, our optician will advice you the most suitable lenses based on your degree.

Q8. Why am I experience discomfort after I got my most updated lenses?
A8. The change in your vision could be due to the shape and the fitting of the frames. If you're still experience discomfort, please visit our retail so we could confirm your degree and adjust the frames and fitting accordingly. Kindly bring your glasses and the warranty card to our retail.


Q5. 如果有度数不合的情况下也可以做更换服务吗?
A5. 自购买起一年内,如果发现不合适,我们提供免费1次的度数更换服务。

Q6. 镜片如有损伤,也是在保固范围之内吗?
A6. 镜片如果人为造成的损伤是不在保固范围里面,我们将以另外付费的镜片服务更换作为处理。

Q7. 觉得镜片太厚可以选择较薄的镜片?
A7. 我们将免费提供升级镜片至index 1.61, 如果600度以上或顾客想要更加薄镜片可以付费升级镜片index1.67-1.74,当然我们会有自己的标准给予顾客建议,在多少度数,散光的情况下应该要进行升级

Q8. 为什么选择使用现在的眼镜度数制作出来的眼镜戴了会觉得不适应?
A8. 因镜框形状及佩戴方式的改变,将会影响适应度的情形发生,如有适应不良的情形请携带商品和保证卡至我们门市再次确认和调整
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